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Client Love Letters

"Elena's fucking smart."

She’s easy going. She’s insightful, which I think is different than smart. She listens closely and then surprises me with her great ideas that I never would have come to on my own. She values efficiency and using your time well. And she’s generous. She's not coaching me for her. She’s coaching me for me. I don’t feel like there’s ever been any ego or guile. She’s on my team and makes me feel truly supported.

- Jill Harrell, Scabby Robot

"Before starting with Elena, my biggest struggle was pricing my products to make them profitable."

As a creative, I kept comparing myself to the mass-produced items out there, and it was hard to see my value and worth. I was struggling with the concept of having an ideal client and didn't know how to create my avatar.

I was drawn to Elena because she's so warm, and I knew that she had owned her own business before. She had already gone through a lot of the struggles that I was going through.

After working with her, I can really effectively pinpoint my ideal client, talk to them, and I can sell to them without feeling pushy. I can speak their language, and I can charge what I know I am worth and what my products are worth.

She is a hard taskmaster, but the time that we worked together was my most productive time I've had since I started my business. She's so knowledgeable, fun, and she goes above and beyond in every single way. I really couldn't recommend her highly enough!

- Katrina Lear, Freckle + Hide

"I just don't feel like I could have expanded to $30k and $40k at top months without her guidance." 

I mean, those are big numbers and big energetic containers to hold. Without her help, I just don't know that I would have been expanded enough to believe that was possible for me.

- Charlotte Dupont, Honeydove Vintage

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