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Learn To Calculate Your:



Learn exactly how to calculate the maximum monthly revenue you have the potential to generate based on your current capacity. 



Calculate the material costs that go into making your products and when it's appropriate to include the cost of labor.



This is only terrifying until you do it for the first time. Promise. Together let's explore what the true overhead expenses of your business are.



Discover how to properly calculate the different taxes you're liable for so that you can calculate how much of your $$ you get to keep.


"I caught the replay of the workshop and completed the business model calculator. It's so thorough and insightful! I had an idea of these numbers but having them all laid out like that is huge. I just signed up for the paid workshop. I love how grounded and practical your coaching is!! Thank you!"

Rachel, Mahka Jewelry

"The calculator can seem daunting at first, but Elena walks through each step, each number you need to fill in, and what factors into each equation. Running my own numbers was pretty surprising, and I now have a much more concrete idea of what I need to change to optimize my business so I'm not wasting money on things I don't need or overworking myself for little gain. Thank you for this workshop, Elena!"

Juliet, Juliet Pecan Designs

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