Fundamental business courses created specifically for artisans.

Artisanal Profits


Learn the five mistakes that kill profit in artisanal businesses and how to increase your profit potential to over $20k a month.


Ideal Customer


Learn to identify who has the potential to become obsessed with your products and how to attract an audience of them on Instagram.


Marketing & Sales


Learn the difference between marketing and selling your products and how to do both on Instagram.


Build Your Website In A Day!


Follow my step-by-step instructions to build a gorgeous website that sells in one day.


The Artisanal Alchemy Bundle

Save over 10% when you purchase the foundational courses (Artisanal Profits, Ideal Customer, and Marketing & Sales) as a bundle.

3 Monthly Payments of $412

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Client Love Letters

"After completing the Business Model Calculator and learning the various techniques in Artisanal Profits, so many lightbulbs went off!"

Before taking artisanal profits with Elena, I was struggling to understand why our profits always seemed so slim. I would frequently find myself overwhelmed and I wanted to discover ways to increase our profit without having to work harder or more hours. 

I finally feel like I have a clear understanding of my business and the practical steps I need to take to reach my business goals. 

Elena’s grounded approach is so refreshing and just makes sense. I feel much more inspired looking into the future and have already begun to implement plans to double our revenue and profits this year while spending even more time with my family than before. I wish I had done this work years ago!

- Rachel Finnely, Makha Jewelry

"I learned more practical knowledge about how to grow my business from Elena than I did from my Masters in Social Entrepreneurship."

Last year, during the pandemic, my business exploded –my husband and I both work full time in the business now, and we even hire both of our mothers to help fill orders every week! I told Elena that without everything I had learned from her the previous year, this success never would have been possible!

- Jessica Troupe, Heritage Apothecary

"I tried and failed to start my artisan business several times. When I started Elena’s courses, I couldn’t believe the value." 

She thought of everything and included everything you need to get started. Like, I went to college – paid all that money – and didn't learn anything. These courses taught me so much and helped me really get my business off the ground. It is hard, but I am just so happy that I’m finally doing it. And that I’m doing it with confidence in myself, in my work, in what I’m putting out there.

- Melissa Perez, MPG Collections

Maximize Your Profits

Most artisans think that if they generate more sales they will become profitable. 

Not true. 

Your profitability is determined by your business model.

Calculate your business model to see the maximum profit YOU could make if you were to sell all of your products in a given month.